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How can I remove my Sun Tan Naturally

This is a question asked to us on Quora - How can I remove my Sun Tan Naturally?   Well, there are couple of home remedies that people believe in but we at ZOOTOX believe in Science and Ingredients that one can achieve results from. Removing tanning from the sun is one of the easiest in Skin Care. If you are looking to de-tan face and have some skin tone brightening results, we recommend you...
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How do I get rid of Black Scars on my Face?

We recently received an answer request for a client's problem on black scars on the face. There can be several reasons for scarring on the face and in order to treat it, one needs to know the cause of it. However, scarring can be caused due to the following reasons:   Post acne breakouts Permanent scarring post blackheads removal Post injury Medical Stitches mark   How to Get Rid of...
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Reason for Pigmentation on Face

Hey Guys! We are sure most of you who are reading this post have been wondering what is the Reason for Pigmentation on Face. If this is on your mind, we assume you are dealing with Pigmentation on Face, which is why our brand ZOOTOX has come into existence to offer the Best Pigmentation Treatment at your Home with our Effective Products that have the ability to give results.   REASON FOR...
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How can ZOOTOX Vita-C Pigmentation Repair Cleanser help you in treating Pigmentation

Treating Pigmentation is a process and can take sometime to show results provided one is using the right products. The treatment of pigmentation begins with the right everyday cleanser you use to wash your face. If you are serious about treating pigmentation on your face, begin to use the right cleanser, begin to use FDA Certified ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser - Anti-Pigmentation Cleanser with Vitamin C...
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Pre-Party Wrinkle Treatment with ZOOTOX

ZOOTOX started its journey with its flagship product ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit. This kit is a simple two-step treatment box that comes with 2 bottles;     Step 1 - Wrinkle Corrector This special serum is in-built with an exclusive anti-wrinkle ingredient called Synake. Synake is a world famous Swiss ingredient that is famous for its ultra capacity to reduce wrinkles....
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