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Pre-Party Wrinkle Treatment with ZOOTOX

ZOOTOX started its journey with its flagship product ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit. This kit is a simple two-step treatment box that comes with 2 bottles;     Step 1 - Wrinkle Corrector This special serum is in-built with an exclusive anti-wrinkle ingredient called Synake. Synake is a world famous Swiss ingredient that is famous for its ultra capacity to reduce wrinkles....
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Right way to apply Effective Pigmentation Cream ZOOTOX Target White

Probably the most effective pigmentation cream today in the market; ZOOTOX Target White needs the right application if one wants to achieve desired results. The product page of this product clearly describes how one should apply the cream but we have noticed many of our customers do not read the entire product page and may end up applying the cream not in the suggestive way.  If you have already...
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Follow these Tips to Reduce Pigmentation Faster

Pigmentation is a common problem faced by mostly women. It can happen to one primarily due to often and constant sun exposure. Or, it can begin with hormonal changes in the woman's body during or post pregnancy. Some women start to develop pigmentation on their cheeks during the first four months of the pregnancy as well. If you visit a doctor for the treatment of pigmentation, you might have to...
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Hydroquinone Cream Good or Bad

The market is flooded with Hydroquinone creams with several percentages but hydroquinone cream in higher percentage is not sold without prescription.  Hydroquinone Cream Good or Bad Hydroquinone cream comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many dermatologists prescribe the cream to treat pigmentation on the face or on the body. It is true that Hydroquinone helps in reducing...
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Skin Care Tips by Dr. Ahmed Zaheer on Acne Prone Skin

Acne can be infuriating to all of us specially when it is not occasional but an everyday affair. You can adopt an everyday skin care regime to prevent acne but unfortunately there is no permanent solution like a surgery to stop acne formation for good. Speaking to Dr. Ahmed Zaheer, the HOD for Dermatology Department at Max Hospital in New Delhi, we listed his top secrets to prevent acne...
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