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How can I remove my Sun Tan Naturally

This is a question asked to us on Quora – How can I remove my Sun Tan Naturally?


Well, there are couple of home remedies that people believe in but we at ZOOTOX believe in Science and Ingredients that one can achieve results from.

Removing tanning from the sun is one of the easiest in Skin Care. If you are looking to de-tan face and have some skin tone brightening results, we recommend you to use Vitamin C Face Wash ZOOTOX Vita-C Skin Brightening Cleanser. This is an extraordinary face wash formulated with high end Vitamin C that helps in instant de-tanning and can offer outstanding skin tone brightening results. What makes it even more result oriented is the Silicone Brush that it comes with. You can massage the foam onto your face using the silicone brush that will help in exfoliating through the skin cells even better and can give you results within the first few days.





If you have normal to combination to oily skin type, you could wash your face with Vitamin C Cleanser once, everyday. If you have sensitive skin, then you could use the Cleanser 2-3 times in a week.



Besides removing sun tan and skin tone brightening, Vitamin C Face Wash ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser also offers Anti-Ageing effects. The fact that Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant, it can eventually help in smoothening fine lines too. And of course it helps in deep cleansing too.

This Vitamin C Face Wash is FDA Approved and of course, one can trust its results.

Click here to read more about or to buy Vitamin C Face Wash ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser.


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How do I get rid of Black Scars on my Face?


We recently received an answer request for a client’s problem on black scars on the face. There can be several reasons for scarring on the face and in order to treat it, one needs to know the cause of it.

However, scarring can be caused due to the following reasons:


  • Post acne breakouts
  • Permanent scarring post blackheads removal
  • Post injury
  • Medical Stitches mark


How to Get Rid of Black Scars on my Face

In order to treat scars, we need to boost collagen and stem cells around the skin cells of the scarred skin. Our skin cells renew cycle begins and ends within 28 days but if the skin cells have gone dead, there won’t be any cell renewal taking place and hence, the damaged skin won’t self heal and will leave a permanent scar.

So, in order to treat the scar, there are two ways to go about it:

Laser Treatment

There are couple of laser treatments in the market including QSwitch and CO2 Laser Treatment. A laser treatment can actively treat the black scars on the face by instigating the dead cells to waken up. Lasers have the ability to reach to the bottom of the dermis skin layer to rejuvenate skin cells and boost collagen. Also, even with an ongoing laser treatment to get rid of black scars on face, one needs to use an effective home care product to further encourage better results.


Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Protein based Home Care Product

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) stimulates cell growth and differentiation by binding to its receptor, EGFR. Human EGF is a 6-kDaprotein[5] with 53 amino acid residues and three intramolecular disulfide bonds.


Damaged Skin Repair Serum ZOOTOX Reparare is formulated with high quality EGF that is capable of reducing and minimising scars on the face or anywhere on the skin. This serum is also FDA Approved due to its high quality ingredients that are effective and result oriented. REPARARE serum has already helped many and many of our clients to get rid of scars on face.


Read Details about Damaged Skin Repair Serum ZOOTOX Reparare


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Reason for Pigmentation on Face

Hey Guys! We are sure most of you who are reading this post have been wondering what is the Reason for Pigmentation on Face. If this is on your mind, we assume you are dealing with Pigmentation on Face, which is why our brand ZOOTOX has come into existence to offer the Best Pigmentation Treatment at your Home with our Effective Products that have the ability to give results.





On the basis of Dermatology Study and as per the knowledge acquired by our Skin Care Experts, below listed points are the major Reason for Pigmentation on Face:

1. Sun Exposure is the Number One Reason for Pigmentation on Face

YES! That’s true. Sun Exposure to the Human Skin is majorly the primary reason for pigmentation on face. Sun is from where it all begins with specially in India where most of the cities are exposed to sunlight for over eight months in a year. We all know that sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays that are even capable of causing skin cancer but before it reaches to that level, it begins with pigmentation on skin or pigmentation on face, the skin area that is mostly exposed to the sunlight. Hence, it is absolutely logical to keep your skin away from direct exposure to the sunlight and the same can be prevented by either not moving under the sunlight or by protecting the skin with an effective sunscreen or an anti-pigmentation day cream that offers active SPF.

When you skin is regularly exposed to the sunlight, initially your face will develop a layer of tanning and then transform into strong tanning that further within few months gets converted into Pigmentation.



2. Cooking Gas Heat is the Number Two Reason for Pigmentation on Face

Many women do not realise this but if you observe carefully, you will notice women or men who are everyday cooks are dealing with very strong pigmentation on face. Bingo! Cooking Gas Heat is another reason for pigmentation on face. When your skin is exposed to cooking gas heat regularly or everyday, the skin’s topmost protective layer called Epidermis becomes sensitive with loss of hydration. When the skin goes dry due to loss of water levels in the skin and on top of it it is everyday exposed to such strong heat of cooking gas, pigmentation starts to form on the face and can be uncontrollable.


3. Pregnancy is the Number Three Reason for Pigmentation on Face

Lot of women experience Pigmentation on their face either during pregnancy weeks or immediately after delivery. This happens due to change in body hormones also called as hormonal imbalance. Having balanced hormones in the body is essential to have an active and perfect body organs but can somehow be uncontrollable for women during pregnancy or post delivery. This is another reason for pigmentation on face and needs medical advise from a gynaecologist along with a product for pigmentation in your home care regime in order to control the pigmentation from going any stronger.


4. Menopause is the Number Four Reason for Pigmentation on Face

Not every women experience this but there is a percentage of women who develop pigmentation on face after their menstrual cycle ends or during initial phase of menopause. This reason for pigmentation on face again can happy to any women and can be treated with regular pigmentation treatment products. Usually, in this case, pigmentation treatment with a simple night repair cream and immense skin hydration is enough as pigmentation during menopause is usually not too strong and be treated within first few months itself.


These four are primary Reason for Pigmentation on Face and can be treated with the Right and Effective Products for Pigmentation Treatment. ZOOTOX is the only Skin Care Brand that specialises only in Pigmentation Treatment Products that are FDA Approved, which means Pigmentation Treatment Products that are Effective and Safe to Use. You can view our Pigmentation Treatment Products. If you have any queries for Reason for Pigmentation on Face or what ZOOTOX product to apply for Pigmentation Treatment, you can simply comment below in the comments and our skin care expert will recommend you the right treatment with ZOOTOX Pigmentation Treatment Products.




If you are serious to remove pigmentation on face, you need to act as per our product recommendation and do the following:


STEP 1 – Cleansing with Anti-Pigmentation Cleanser ZOOTOX Vita-C



If your skin is oily, wash your face with this cleanser once everyday. If your skin is combination, wash your face with this cleanser 2-3 times in a week. If your skin is sensitive, wash your face with this cleanser just once in a week. This is an FDA Approved Anti-Pigmentation Cleanser with Vitamin C and Silicone Brush. Vitamin C actively helps in treating pigmented cells and other damage on the skin. And the silicone brush helps in deep cleansing. Click here to read/buy ZOOTOX Vita-C Anti-Pigmentation Cleanser.


STEP 2 – Toning with Anti-Pigmentation Toner ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex



Using a toner is extremely crucial as it prevents further pigmentation on the face. ZOOTOX AMPM Toner is a uniquely formulated FDA Approved skin hydrating and skin brightening toner that will work like a pro to repair pigmentation on the face. You need to spray 2-3 sprays of AMPM Toner all over the face and dab with your fingers to spread the toner all over the face. Then simply leave to absorb into the skin and do not wipe it off. Use this toner twice a day morning and bedtime after cleansing. Click here to Read/Buy ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex Toner.



STEP 3 – Repair with ZOOTOX Reparare Damage Skin Repair Serum


Damage Skin Repair Serum ZOOTOX Reparare is our another star product that is FDA Approved and Best Seller. The clinical formulation of this serum helps in treating pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, acne and other damages on the skin. Simply apply 2 drops of this serum all over the face with focus on pigmented area twice a day, morning and bedtime after toning. Once you begin to apply it, within the first month you may be able to see the difference in your skin. It can also be applied to burn marks on the other parts of the body. Click here to Read/Buy Damage Skin Repair Serum ZOOTOX Reparare.



Click on the Pigmentation Treatments Products by ZOOTOX below to view them


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How can ZOOTOX Vita-C Pigmentation Repair Cleanser help you in treating Pigmentation


Treating Pigmentation is a process and can take sometime to show results provided one is using the right products. The treatment of pigmentation begins with the right everyday cleanser you use to wash your face. If you are serious about treating pigmentation on your face, begin to use the right cleanser, begin to use FDA Certified ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser – Anti-Pigmentation Cleanser with Vitamin C and Silicone Brush.

Pigmentation Repair Cleanser ZOOTOX Vita-C is uniquely formulated for Pigmented and Acne Prone Skin and suits perfectly to normal, combination and oily skin. It has one of the most high-end quality oriented VITAMIN C in it that actively works against damaged skin, pigmented skin, acne prone skin and tanned skin. Vitamin C is a very effective anti-oxidant that can give clinical results. It gently exfoliates the skin thereby removing the damaged layer of skin and giving you a fresher, brighter and glowing skin.


ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser is FDA Certified and FDA Approved. FDA is the highest mark of hygienic, effective and safest skin care and is given to a product after years of testing. We feel proud to inform you that all ZOOTOX products are FDA Certified and FDA Approved which means all ZOOTOX products are capable of offering effective anti-pigmentation results and are perfectly safe to use.



  • Helps in treating Pigmentation
  • Helps in treating Acne
  • Sucks out excessive oils from the skin
  • De-tans face
  • Deep cleanses the skin
  • Brightens Face



Pigmentation Repair Cleanser ZOOTOX VITA-C is a great cleanser specially for people with oily and combination skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you may use this cleanser once in a week.



Wash your face with Pigmentation Repair ZOOTOX VITA-C CLEANSER everyday either in the morning or at bedtime. If you have oily skin, you may use it both morning and bedtime. If you have normal skin, you may use it once, either morning or bedtime, on alternate days.



Dispense 2-3 pumps of Pigmentation Repair Cleanser ZOOTOX VITA-C from the silicone brush directly on your face and massage the silicone brush all over the face except for the eyes. Silicone brush gently deep cleanses the skin thereby giving better results with Vitamin C in the cleanser. You may massage it for 20-30 seconds with the silicone brush and then using your fingers. Wash your face with plain water and use a soft towel to dry the face.



Applying a toner is very crucial and can give even better results for Pigmentation Repair and Acne Repair. If you want to see even better and effective results, spray 2-3 pumps of FDA Certified Pigmentation Repair & Skin Brightening Toner ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex. Again, this toner is uniquely formulated with high-end ingredients that further help in treating pigmentation and acne.





FDA Certified ZOOTOX AMPM Toner will immensely hydrate the skin, brighten the face and leave it moist. It actively works in maintaining the PH balance of the skin. Using a toner everyday morning and bedtime after face wash is very crucial and will keep your skin healthy and glowing in the long run. It also offers anti-ageing effects.





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Pre-Party Wrinkle Treatment with ZOOTOX


ZOOTOX started its journey with its flagship product ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit. This kit is a simple two-step treatment box that comes with 2 bottles;



Step 1 – Wrinkle Corrector

This special serum is in-built with an exclusive anti-wrinkle ingredient called Synake. Synake is a world famous Swiss ingredient that is famous for its ultra capacity to reduce wrinkles. When you apply this serum on your under eye wrinkles, forehead lines and laugh lines, it relaxes the facial muscle and tightens the skin thereby reducing the wrinkle effect. The effect lasts upto 4-6 hours and when you start to apply it regularly, it starts to give long term anti-wrinkle effects.

It needs to be applied on a cleansed face by massaging the serum on the wrinkled area for a few seconds in the upward outward direction and then followed with Step 2.


Step 2 – Stem Cell Filler Serum


ZOOTOX Stem Cell Filler is in-built with world famous Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells that are extracted from a rare variety of Swiss green apples called Utwiler Spatlauber. It is invented by a Swiss company and has received European Awards for its anti-ageing abilities. It is also famous among many Hollywood artists.

After applying Step 1, wait for 2 minutes and simple massage the Step 2 Stem Cell Filler Serum all over the face. It further fills up under eye wrinkles and other lines on the face, regenerates stem cells in the skin, kickstarts collagen production, hydrates skin, brings glow and makes the skin go healthy and lively. It can also be applied without the Step 1 during any time of the day. It has only multiple benefits to offer.

One should start using an anti-ageing product during their early 20’s as our lifestyle today is such that our skin is exposed to polluted air, smoke and also, alcohol consumption and smoking also causes early ageing of skin. So, if your skin is exposed to all of this, using an effective anti-ageing product like ZOOTOX will help in delaying the ageing process of your skin.



ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit is recommended to be applied twice a day; morning and at bedtime on a cleansed face. If you are using effective pigmentation repair cream ZOOTOX Target White, then apply ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit in the morning and apply effective pigmentation repair cream ZOOTOX Target White at bedtime.

This product can also be used as a pre-party product. Simply use it before make-up and see great anti-wrinkle effects throughout the evening.

This product is Dermatologist Recommended and offers great anti-ageing effects and can be applied on regular basis.