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Right way to apply Effective Pigmentation Cream ZOOTOX Target White


Probably the most effective pigmentation cream today in the market; ZOOTOX Target White needs the right application if one wants to achieve desired results. The product page of this product clearly describes how one should apply the cream but we have noticed many of our customers do not read the entire product page and may end up applying the cream not in the suggestive way. 

If you have already purchased the Effective Pigmentation Cream ZOOTOX Target White or still planning to buy one, read these instructions below on how to apply the cream properly to achieve desired results:

Right Way to Apply Effective Pigmentation Cream ZOOTOX Target White


If you are primarily using the product for pigmentation repair, apply a layer of the product at bedtime on a cleansed face only on the pigmented area be it forehead or cheeks, etc. 


To lighten dark spots, apply the product on a cleansed face at bedtime only the dark spots.


Mostly people develop freckles on the entire face. If you have freckles on the entire face, then apply a layer of the cream on a cleansed face at bedtime on the entire face.


If you are looking for skin tone lightening using ZOOTOX Target White Cream, apply the cream evenly on the entire face at bedtime on a cleansed face.


Effective Pigmentation Cream ZOOTOX Target White is a night repair cream and should strictly be applied in the daytime. If you want to apply it in the day time as well, ensure that after applying the cream, you do not move out of the house and do not expose your face to any form of heat be it sunlight or cooking gas heat.

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Follow these Tips to Reduce Pigmentation Faster


Pigmentation is a common problem faced by mostly women. It can happen to one primarily due to often and constant sun exposure. Or, it can begin with hormonal changes in the woman’s body during or post pregnancy. Some women start to develop pigmentation on their cheeks during the first four months of the pregnancy as well. If you visit a doctor for the treatment of pigmentation, you might have to pay heavy prices as you might be asked to go for laser treatments like CO2. At times, these treatments may help to some and at times, it won’t. It purely depends how your body reacts to the laser treatment.


However, if you are not looking for any kind of laser treatments to treat pigmentation on your pretty face and are using a night repair cream like ZOOTOX Target White, we might suggest you to follow these tips religiously along with using pigmentation repair cream ZOOTOX Target White. As per our survey, people who followed these tips were able to reduce pigmentation faster as compared to people who did not.




#1 Drink Lots of Water

We know you might have been bored of listening to this or reading this everywhere, but this is where achieving a glowing face begins with. Drinking plenty of water everyday is the key to a glowing face and to come closer to break pigmentation on your face along with taking and using the right pigmentation cream.


#2 Cover your Face while Cooking

People are unaware of this but you need to know that any form of heat exposure to the skin further contributes in pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles, freckles and early skin ageing. If you cook, good for you but don’t serve the good food whilst in return you end up damaging your pretty skin. A key solution to handle this problem is cover your face with a scarf or any form of cloth to avoid direct heat exposure to your face. We suggest you to dedicate a scarf inside the kitchen itself and place it at a location where it is easily noticeable so that your eyes catch hold of it each time you’re in to cook.

If you feel uncomfortable doing so, then go for a sunscreen application before you enter the kitchen. It will certainly help. We recommend SPF 30.

Many people mostly women who cook end up with pigmentation on their face due to cooking gas heat exposure. So, if you are reading this, take it seriously. Once you begin to take these precautions, sooner you will begin to see results with anti-pigmentation effects even faster.


#3 No Sun Exposure

We are sure you know this but if you are already struggling with pigmentation on your face, ensure that your face is almost never exposed to the sun. If you move out, apply SPF 30 every 2.5 hours to renew its effects. If you feel the sun is too strong, cover your face for that moment with a scarf or use an object to avoid sunlight directly falling onto your face.


#4 Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising

Believe us or not, this therapy definitely works and helps in reducing pigmentation faster. Skin that is thoroughly cleansed with a regular toning and moisturising discourages further formation of pigmentation.


#5 Apply ZOOTOX Target White Cream

ZOOTOX is soon going to be the only niche Anti-Pigmentation Skin Care brand with major focus on pigmentation repair products. ZOOTOX Target White Cream is FDA Approved and Dermatologist Recommended and offers effective anti-pigmentation effects. Whilst you follow the above listed tips to reduce pigmentation faster on your face, apply ZOOTOX Target White Cream on a cleansed face at bedtime on pigmented area for 90 days. Pigmentation is tough to break and our experts recommend to apply ZOOTOX Target White Cream religiously for 90 days without any break to achieve desired results. Some people may find early results and some may find gradual results. However, every skin type is different and every product reacts uniquely to each skin type/type of pigmentation.

You can read product details of Effective Pigmentation Cream ZOOTOX Target White or buy it online here 



Follow these tips to Reduce Pigmentation Faster. Do let us know if this article was helpful by commenting below.

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Hydroquinone Cream Good or Bad

The market is flooded with Hydroquinone creams with several percentages but hydroquinone cream in higher percentage is not sold without prescription. 

Hydroquinone Cream Good or Bad

Hydroquinone cream comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many dermatologists prescribe the cream to treat pigmentation on the face or on the body. It is true that Hydroquinone helps in reducing pigmentation but it comes with the biggest disadvantage.

Why you should Stop using Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone is basically a bleaching agent that can also cause serious damage to the skin. If you are living in a country where you are highly exposed to the sun, using a hydroquinone cream can even further damage your skin.

Once it starts to act as a bleaching agent on your face, it helps in reducing the formation of pigment in your skin that causes darker skin. But in some cases, it also increases the chances of deeper pigmentation after few months.

As it exfoliates through the skin and gradually when one is exposed to sunlight, as the protection layer of the outer skin has already been exofliated through hydroquinone cream, the chances of deeper pigmentation on the skin even increases.


Alternative to Hydroquinone Cream

The best and safest alternative to Hydroquinone Creams is the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are also known as AHA Compounds. These include Glyocolic Acid, Lactic Acid and other compounds. They also certainly give good results to treat pigmentation but maybe not as quickly as Hydroquinone cream but the best part is, they will not cause any further damage to your skin.

It is best advised to go for products with Glycolic Acid as clinical studies have proven it to be safer and effective. The percentage of glycolic acid in the cream also depends on how quickly the pigmentation will lighten.

It is best advised to treat pigmentation or to lighten skin tone slowly and gradually instead of treating it with products that give instant results, which of course are not recommended in the long run.

ZOOTOX Target White Pigmentation Cream is an effective night repair cream that is made up of a cocktail of AHA compounds. It has a combination of AHA compounds that further helps in giving better results to reduce pigmentation or to lighten skin tone and dark spots on the face.











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Skin Care Tips by Dr. Ahmed Zaheer on Acne Prone Skin

Acne can be infuriating to all of us specially when it is not occasional but an everyday affair. You can adopt an everyday skin care regime to prevent acne but unfortunately there is no permanent solution like a surgery to stop acne formation for good.

Speaking to Dr. Ahmed Zaheer, the HOD for Dermatology Department at Max Hospital in New Delhi, we listed his top secrets to prevent acne formation.

Dr. Ahmed Zaheer



Pores in your skin form a connection between the underlying glands, also called as the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is responsible to produce the oily substance called sebum that keeps your skin naturally moisturized. From person to person and skin to skin, this gland has the tendency to produce this sebum oil in excess. When dead skin cells form a plug around the gland, it combines with the sebum oil making the pore become clogged with oil, dirt and possible bacteria sitting on the pore’s surface that further becomes a cause of acne formation.



We understand your concern to look for an answer for permanent solution for acne formation but unfortunately there is no quick fix to this. It involves a major lifestyle change to reduce acne formation that includes dietary changes and of course a redo of your skin care products.



1. Use Salicylic Acid for Acne Skin

Hardcore cleansing using strong cleansers or using soap can prove to be disastrous for acne prone skin. Even if your skin isn’t acne prone, you should not opt for strong cleansers and soap for facial cleansing as they can be harsh to your sensitive skin. Instead, opt for a cleanser with Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree Oil. Both these ingredients maintain the PH level of your skin and provide deep cleansing. Salicylic acid also helps in gentle exfoliation that further deeply cleanses your skin. To keep y0ur skin away from acne, you need to keep it clean so as to avoid dirt clogging your pores and the first step for this begins with the right facial cleanser.


2. Clean your make-up tools before use

Your make-up brushes definitely have that bacteria sitting within in it from your last application. So, in order to disallow this bad bacteria to come back to your Epidermis layer of the skin, it is best to clean it right before you use it again.


3. Use a Toner with Alcohol for Acne Prone Skin

Alcohol base toner can suck out the extra oils sitting on your skin and clogging it. You have to get rid of this oil and dirt as much as you can but just with the right amount of toning. Using lot of alcohol base toner on acne prone skin will pull out the extra oil but at the same time might result in even further secretion of heavy sebum oil. Because when you use an alcohol base toner on your face, it cleanses the oil leaving the skin dry. As soon as the brain receives this message, it further signals the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil to do it away with the dry skin. So, you got to play smart here. Do not use extra amount of alcohol base toner on acne skin but just the apt amount.


4. Replace creams with gels and serums to avoid Acne formation

Using a cream on acne prone skin is no less than a disaster. If you’re still applying the traditional cream on your acne prone skin, immediately replace it with moisturizing serum or moisturizing gel. Creams have the tendency to seep into your pores and clog whereas it is not the case with serums and gels.


5. Stop eating junk food to avoid acne formation

Necessary dietary changes are a must to avoid that acne from developing on your skin. Fried food is often one of the reasons for it that you need to stop or at least avoid and decrease its consumption.


Hope these skin care tips by Dr. Ahmed Zaheer on Acne prone skin and on how to avoid acne formation will help you. If you have any questions to ask Dr. Ahmed Zaheer, simply leave a comment below and an answer from Dr. Ahmed Zaheer on your acne problem will be replied to as soon as we can.


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Start your day with lime water for a glowing skin

You definitely need the modern aesthetic science to treat your skin issues but we cannot ignore the beautiful Indian recipes to acquire beauty at home. 
A luke warm glass of water with a teaspoon of pure honey and half a squeezed lemon can prove divine for your facial skin. It not only offers a glowing face, but also helps in cutting down the accumulated fat in your body and keeps your digestive system healthy. 
Make sure it is the first thing you consume in the morning. Try it for seven days and you shall see the difference. If you do, please let us know here by coming back to this blog post and commenting :).