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Pre-Party Wrinkle Treatment with ZOOTOX


ZOOTOX started its journey with its flagship product ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit. This kit is a simple two-step treatment box that comes with 2 bottles;



Step 1 – Wrinkle Corrector

This special serum is in-built with an exclusive anti-wrinkle ingredient called Synake. Synake is a world famous Swiss ingredient that is famous for its ultra capacity to reduce wrinkles. When you apply this serum on your under eye wrinkles, forehead lines and laugh lines, it relaxes the facial muscle and tightens the skin thereby reducing the wrinkle effect. The effect lasts upto 4-6 hours and when you start to apply it regularly, it starts to give long term anti-wrinkle effects.

It needs to be applied on a cleansed face by massaging the serum on the wrinkled area for a few seconds in the upward outward direction and then followed with Step 2.


Step 2 – Stem Cell Filler Serum


ZOOTOX Stem Cell Filler is in-built with world famous Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells that are extracted from a rare variety of Swiss green apples called Utwiler Spatlauber. It is invented by a Swiss company and has received European Awards for its anti-ageing abilities. It is also famous among many Hollywood artists.

After applying Step 1, wait for 2 minutes and simple massage the Step 2 Stem Cell Filler Serum all over the face. It further fills up under eye wrinkles and other lines on the face, regenerates stem cells in the skin, kickstarts collagen production, hydrates skin, brings glow and makes the skin go healthy and lively. It can also be applied without the Step 1 during any time of the day. It has only multiple benefits to offer.

One should start using an anti-ageing product during their early 20’s as our lifestyle today is such that our skin is exposed to polluted air, smoke and also, alcohol consumption and smoking also causes early ageing of skin. So, if your skin is exposed to all of this, using an effective anti-ageing product like ZOOTOX will help in delaying the ageing process of your skin.



ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit is recommended to be applied twice a day; morning and at bedtime on a cleansed face. If you are using effective pigmentation repair cream ZOOTOX Target White, then apply ZOOTOX Two Step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit in the morning and apply effective pigmentation repair cream ZOOTOX Target White at bedtime.

This product can also be used as a pre-party product. Simply use it before make-up and see great anti-wrinkle effects throughout the evening.

This product is Dermatologist Recommended and offers great anti-ageing effects and can be applied on regular basis.




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