ZOOTOX Pigmentation & Scar Repair Kit

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Struggling with Pigmentation? Follow our Skin Care Expert Recommended FDA Certified Pigmentation Repair Plan and begin to see Visible Results soon:


Everyday Pigmentation & Scar Repair Homecare

AM – Morning Routine


CLEANSING with FDA Certified ZOOTOX Vita-C Anti-Pigmentation Cleanser with Vitamin C and Silicone Brush


How to Apply

Dispense 2-3 pumps of VITA-C Cleanser directly from the silicone brush onto your forehead, cheeks and neck and gently massage it all over the face avoiding the eye area with the silicone brush (for 20-25 seconds). Then rinse your face with mineral/plain water and use a soft cloth/towel to dry the face.

VITA-C Cleanser’s unique formulation with Vitamin C actively sucks out excessive oils from the skin thereby making the skin go little dry, deep cleanses skin, treats pigmented cells in the skin and de-tans the face.

If your skin is oily, you can use this Cleanser everyday morning and bedtime. If your skin is normal/combination, you can use this cleanser 3-4 times a week. If your skin is sensitive, you can use this Cleanser once a week.



Toning with FDA Certified ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex Toner for all Skin Types


How to Apply

After cleansing, spray 2-3 pumps of Anti-Pigmentation Toner ZOOTOX AMPM all over the face. Finger dab on the skin for the toner to absorb into the skin and leave it to dry naturally. 

A rare & unique formulation of Anti-Pigmentation Toner ZOOTOX AMPM immensely hydrates the skin, fights against pigmented cells in the skin, brightens face and maintains the PH balance of the skin. A well hydrated skin will show faster results in treating pigmentation on the face.




Repairing with FDA Certified ZOOTOX Reparare Damaged Skin Repair Serum for all Skin Types


How to Apply

After toning, apply 1-2 drops of ZOOTOX Reparare Serum on the face, gently spread the serum all over the face with your fingers and then dab the fingers on the face for 10-15 seconds. This activity allows the serum to absorb faster into the skin. Then, again even out the serum on the face using your fingers. 

Reparare serum is an exclusive and very effective damaged skin repair serum that has multiple benefits to offer. Applying this serum on pigmented/acne area can help you treat the problem efficiently. While treating pigmentation/acne, Reparare serum also brings a glow on the face.



Protection & Balanced Moisturising with FDA Certified ZOOTOX Essential Renewal Masque – Anti-Pigmentation Day Cream with SPF 30++ for all Skin Types


How to Apply

After serum, apply little amount of Anti-Pigmentation Day Cream ZOOTOX Essential Renewal Masque on the entire face. This cream is formulated with SPF 30++ and offers active protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun.

Besides protection, it has colour correction in it and very smartly evens out uneven skin tone, illuminates skin, brightens face and offers balanced moisturising. Once applied, it absorbs into the skin within seconds. Hence, you may not feel any oily-ness on the face at all.


PM – Night Routine



Either wash your face with ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser or ZOOTOX Clever Cleanser.



Toning with FDA Certified ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex Toner for all Skin Types




Repairing with FDA Certified ZOOTOX Target White Night Repair Cream

Apply cream evenly only on pigmented skin. Do not massage. Leave it overnight and rinse face in the morning with plain water.



Follow this Anti-Pigmentation Regime everyday morning and bedtime and see visible results in the first month itself*.




2 reviews for ZOOTOX Pigmentation & Scar Repair Kit

  1. Anjana Lekha

    i have been using this kit for over 3 months now. very much satisfied. my pigmentaiton and acne has been treated more than 80%. in fact my mother has been using it only for last 20 days and she is getting results too. can we continue to use it for another few months?

  2. tanya

    i have used target white cream, ampm toner and reparare serum. day cream and cleanser i am yet to start using and more than satisfied with the results and quality of the products. next time when i order, zootox can you please send me extra carry bags because they are so beautiful

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