ZOOTOX Reparare – FDA Certified Intense Skin Repair Serum

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ZOOTOX Reparare – FDA Certified Intense Skin Repair Serum is a great anti-ageing and skin maintenance serum that makes the skin go healthy and shiny.


Introducing ZOOTOX Reparare – an FDA Certified Intense Skin Repair Serum that has the ability to heal and repair damaged skin. It also smoothens skin texture and works as a great anti-ageing serum for smooth and shining skin.


ZOOTOX REPARARE – Effective Skin Repair Serum BENEFITS


Helps in the treatment of Pigmentation

Usual skin damage recovery

Treats damage caused by acne

Perfect recovery from skin dryness

Treats skin sensitivity

Calms down skin redness

Offers Anti-Ageing benefits whilst making the skin bright & healthy



REPARARE is an intense damaged skin recovery and skin reconstructive potion that helps in locking moisture and binding skin cells & reconstructing them essential for a healthy epidermal skin. Formulated with high-end result oriented ingredients including Hylauronic Acid, Glycoprotein and antimicrobial peptides + Growth Factors that are proven to be highly beneficial to the skin, ZOOTOX Reparare can give fast recovery results on damaged skin.


SKIN TYPE – Can it be applied on sensitive/dry skin?

YES! ZOOTOX Reparare can definitely be applied to every skin type including dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, pigmented skin and acne prone skin.


What is the right time to apply Best Skin Repair Serum ZOOTOX Reparare?

The best part about this repair serum is that it can be applied at any time of the day. If you are using a night cream, then apply it in the morning after cleansing and toning. If you are not using a night repair cream, then apply it twice a day both morning and at bedtime


Directions to Usage

After Cleansing and Toning, take 2 drops of the serum on your palms using the dropper & apply it on the problem area. Gently spread the serum on the problem area or the entire face and then dab the serum with your fingers up and down to let the serum absorb into the skin and then leave it to absorb into the skin naturally.

Apply twice a day morning & bedtime after after cleansing and toning.


ZOOTOX Reparare is FDA Certified


9 reviews for ZOOTOX Reparare – FDA Certified Intense Skin Repair Serum

  1. Neel

    I love this serum. it has drastically repaired the skin damage on my skin caused by boiling water. i love it love it.

  2. Bindiya

    i have never seen an amazing product like this. i have freckles on my arms. and this product Reparare is helping me amazingly.

  3. Richa

    I am using this serum on pigmentation in the afternoon and zootox target white cream at night. Very very good results.

  4. Shuchi Singh

    waiting for the delivery of my second bottle. can i apply this serum under the make-up? i love this serum. It is really helping in my melasma on my face.

  5. shalini sharma


  6. Ruchika

    Just started to use it. Feels nice ..

  7. Radhika Maheshwari

    I have applied it on my wrist that has a burn mark. applied for 18-20 days as of now and the mark has lightened to some 30-40%. I want to know can i apply it 3 times a day?

  8. Sahiba Reddy

    Using it every night and my skin has gone absolutely clean and it glows. Love the serum.

  9. Shalini

    hi…so i got laser done on my pigmentation and freckles from a dermatologist and it went terribly wrong. my skin further went bad and damaged. i was recommended to use AMPM Toner and Reparare serum 3 times a day by some skin care executive at zootox. i used it 3 times a day every night and believe me, within 15 days, my skin’s recovery from inflammation and burnt skin got repaired to almost 80%. i completed it for 30 days and then after 30 days, i started to use target white cream at bedtime and ampm toner + reparare serum in the morning. honestly, these 3 products worked wonders for me and i am so thankful to zootox. i wish i could share my before after picture of my face but there is no option to attach images here.

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