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Hydroquinone Cream Good or Bad

The market is flooded with Hydroquinone creams with several percentages but hydroquinone cream in higher percentage is not sold without prescription. 

Hydroquinone Cream Good or Bad

Hydroquinone cream comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many dermatologists prescribe the cream to treat pigmentation on the face or on the body. It is true that Hydroquinone helps in reducing pigmentation but it comes with the biggest disadvantage.

Why you should Stop using Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone is basically a bleaching agent that can also cause serious damage to the skin. If you are living in a country where you are highly exposed to the sun, using a hydroquinone cream can even further damage your skin.

Once it starts to act as a bleaching agent on your face, it helps in reducing the formation of pigment in your skin that causes darker skin. But in some cases, it also increases the chances of deeper pigmentation after few months.

As it exfoliates through the skin and gradually when one is exposed to sunlight, as the protection layer of the outer skin has already been exofliated through hydroquinone cream, the chances of deeper pigmentation on the skin even increases.


Alternative to Hydroquinone Cream

The best and safest alternative to Hydroquinone Creams is the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are also known as AHA Compounds. These include Glyocolic Acid, Lactic Acid and other compounds. They also certainly give good results to treat pigmentation but maybe not as quickly as Hydroquinone cream but the best part is, they will not cause any further damage to your skin.

It is best advised to go for products with Glycolic Acid as clinical studies have proven it to be safer and effective. The percentage of glycolic acid in the cream also depends on how quickly the pigmentation will lighten.

It is best advised to treat pigmentation or to lighten skin tone slowly and gradually instead of treating it with products that give instant results, which of course are not recommended in the long run.

ZOOTOX Target White Pigmentation Cream is an effective night repair cream that is made up of a cocktail of AHA compounds. It has a combination of AHA compounds that further helps in giving better results to reduce pigmentation or to lighten skin tone and dark spots on the face.