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What kind of damaged skin can ZOOTOX Reparare Serum heal


FDA Certified ZOOTOX Reparare Damaged Skin Repair Serum is our hot selling product and has gathered an amazing response from our customers worldwide. There is a reason why we call it “Mother of all Repair Serums” and you know it all. ZOOTOX Reparare Serum is an extraordinary serum that has the ability to heal extremely damaged skin and can get you glowing skin within days.



Treats Acne and Acne Scars

To treat acne and breakouts, you need to use a cleanser that helps in removing excessive oils from your face thereby leaving your skin clear with no space for acne breakouts and this job is served best none other than ZOOTOX Vita-C Cleanser with Vitamin C. On top of it, you need an intense repair serum to take care of the acne pits and acne scars to treat and heal them. ZOOTOX Reparare Serum will contribute in building new skin cells faster and will actively repair the present acne damage on your skin. Just apply it twice a day after face wash and you should begin to see results within days.


Treats Pigmentation & Spots

Struggling with pigmentation, melasma or dark spots? You need three products to heal it; Apply ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex Toner twice a day, ZOOTOX Reparare Serum in the morning on pigmented skin and ZOOTOX Target White Pigmentation Night Repair Cream on pigmented skin and you should be able to see results within the first month itself as per our casual client trials. Reparare Serum can do wonders to treat pigmentation as Target White Cream helps in peeling the pigmented skin at night whereas Reparare Serum builds new skin cells in the daytime.


 Treats Sunburn

If you’ve got a sunburn after a beach holiday or from your usual lifestyle under the sun, ZOOTOX Reparare Serum can save your skin from further damage and heal the sunburn within days. All you got to do is ensure to hydrate your skin twice a day with ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex Toner after face wash and religiously apply ZOOTOX Reparare Damaged Skin Repair Serum twice a day, morning and bedtime on the affected area. Just apply 2-3 drops, spread it evenly and leave it to absorb into the skin to perform its repairing. It is best to avoid going under the sun or cooking as you need to keep your skin away from every form of heat until the sunburn it healed.


Treats Skin Dryness

Lot of us have dry skin which is very uncomfortable. No matter how much moisturiser you apply everyday, yet the dryness doesn’t go away. It is clear that your skin is dry and thirsty and it needs some special attention. If this is the case, apply ZOOTOX AMPM Hydra Complex Toner 2-3 times in a day after face wash with ZOOTOX Reparare Serum all over the face in the morning and bedtime. There are chances that you may feel your skin dryness has gone within the first week itself.


Treats Wrinkles

Every product you use on your face that is formulated with a great ingredient has anti-ageing properties and so it is with ZOOTOX Reparare Damaged Skin Repair Serum. When you begin to use this serum everyday on your wrinkles or all over the face, you will feel your wrinkles, under eye wrinkles, crows feet and other fines have reduced or disappeared from your face. Thanks to this serum’s cell building fiber that has amazing anti-wrinkle effects.


Treats Closed Wounds and Shoe Bites

Got hurt? If you happen to have a closed wound, apply 2-3 drops of Reparare Serum 2-3 times a day and within 2 weeks you will notice the wound being healed to some extent. We have received feedback from our clients who happened to got results overnight with just one application of ZOOTOX Reparare Serum on a shoe bite which is amazing.


Best Skin Repair Serum ZOOTOX Reparare by MediSpa Laboratory USA is also FDA Certified and Dermatologist Recommended which means it is extremely effective and safe to use.





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